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Obtaining A Simple/Uncontested Divorce

Sometimes, individuals entering into divorce proceedings agree on most or all of the corresponding legal matters such as property division, child custody and maintenance (alimony). When this happens, parties may be able to proceed with an uncontested divorce, which tends to cost less and take less time than a contested divorce.

Even if you have agreed upon final terms in your divorce case, it is still important for you to have an attorney to ensure that you are being protected in your final agreement and all necessary steps are taken to finalize your case. It is important to understand that in most cases, your case does not end when you walk out of the courthouse.

The lawyers at Nelson, Krueger & Millenbach, LLC, represent individuals who are seeking an uncontested divorce in Wisconsin. If you have an agreement in place and are seeking help from an attorney to review and finalize the document, or if you have not yet begun uncontested divorce proceedings, we are here to help.

Call Nelson, Krueger & Millenbach, LLC at 414-258-3903  or send us an email to schedule a free initial consultation to learn our experienced attorneys can help with your uncontested divorce case.

Uncontested Divorce: The Basics

An uncontested divorce is one in which both spouses agree on all divorce-related legal matters when entering into legal proceedings.

An uncontested divorce is typically less time-consuming and therefore typically less costly than a traditional divorce. Because spouses have agreed on all applicable issues, there is less to settle in court.

Often, individuals getting an uncontested divorce seek out assistance from a family law attorney to help finalize the divorce agreement. An attorney can review and fine-tune the paperwork to a point where it is likely to be approved by the court at a stipulated divorce hearing. Our firm’s lawyers can review your agreement and answer any questions you may have about the process.

Schedule An Appointment To Complete Your Simple Divorce

Nelson, Krueger & Millenbach, LLC, is a premier family law firm in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area. For a free initial consultation to learn more about uncontested divorces, contact us at 414-939-0529.

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