Avoiding Divorce Through Legal Separation Or Annulment

Legal separation and annulment, though quite different from one another, are both possible alternatives to divorce. They are each used in specific circumstances to address specific needs. The lawyers of Nelson, Krueger & Millenbach, LLC, are experienced in assisting clients in both types of actions.

How Legal Separation Works

If you and your spouse are uncertain about a divorce, legal separation is a possible alternative. In a legal separation, like a divorce, orders will be made for the following:

Even though you become legally separated, you are not free to remarry. You may choose to dismiss the judgment of legal separation, if you would like to resume married life, or you can convert your legal separation into a divorce.

What Is Annulment?

Annulment is a determination by the court voiding the marriage as if it never existed. A marriage can be voidable if either you or your spouse were:

  • Already married to someone else at the time of the marriage
  • Too young to be married
  • Close blood relatives (whether or not you knew it)
  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Mentally incompetent
  • Unable to consummate the marriage

This is not a complete list. If your marriage is annulled, there is no requirement for spousal support or maintenance (alimony). However, there can be issues related to property distribution. It is important to consult with a knowledgeable lawyer if you believe that an annulment may be appropriate in your case.

Contact An Annulment Attorney To Discuss Your Options

If you are considering annulment or legal separation, schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced family law attorney at Nelson, Krueger & Millenbach, LLC, today. Contact us at 414-939-0529.

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