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Understanding Child Custody And Placement In Wisconsin

Children are often victims in a divorce or a paternity action, overlooked by parents focused on their own anger and pain. While the best interests of the children may be the standard judges are supposed to follow when considering custody and placement (visitation) issues, they can often make determinations that do not work well for either party or the children involved.

When parents are able to develop their own custody and placement arrangements, their children benefit. This is, in part, because parents are usually better able to comply with schedules that they have created for themselves. At the law firm of Nelson, Krueger & Millenbach, LLC, our lawyers help clients resolve custody and placement (visitation) issues in ways that take into account the needs of the family as a whole.

Custody And Placement (Visitation) Issues

We take the time to understand the issues that are unique to each family when helping with child custody and placement (visitation) issues. We help clients answer questions such as:

  • Where should the children go to school?
  • Does either parent work irregular hours?
  • Does either parent live out of state?
  • Which events and holidays are most important to the family?
  • Are there drug addictions, family violence or alcohol abuse problems?

Answers to questions like these allow parents to develop custody and placement (visitation) proposals that will be in the best interests of the children and work best for them at the same time.

The Difference Between Legal Custody And Legal Placement

Wisconsin law requires a determination of both legal custody and legal placement. Legal custody determines how decisions about a child’s schooling, religion, health care and other major life issues will be made. Placement, or visitation, determines where a child lives, how much time the children spend with each parent and the role each parent plays in the lives of the children.

Changing A Custody Order

Clients often request help changing their child custody and placement (visitation) arrangements or opposing such a request from the other parent. Our lawyers handle all issues relating to post-judgment disputes and modifications.

Family Violence Matters May Affect Custody

Some custody or placement (visitation) matters may be difficult. For example, if one parent appears to be unfit to supervise a child or might be a danger to the other parent or the children, standard custody and placement arrangements may not be suitable. Our firm deals with family violence issues, and the handling of restraining orders and injunctions for our clients that arise from charges of harassment, domestic violence and child abuse.

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