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Experienced Child Support Attorneys Serving Milwaukee, Waukesha and Southeast Wisconsin

According to the law, children have the right to receive financial support from both parents. The amount of support is strictly determined by a percentage of gross income or, in a shared placement situation, by a complicated equation. The court has very little authority to deviate from this equation except in limited circumstances. Your lawyer needs to make sure that child support is calculated correctly and is fair to both parties and the children.

How Is Child Support Calculated In Wisconsin?

Child support is calculated by a formula used by the court in Wisconsin. In the case where one parent has primary placement, child support is based upon the number of minor children and a percentage of the nonplacement parent’s income. If the parents have shared placement (more than 25 percent of the time), the formula is then based on the number of children, the placement (visitation) schedule and the income or earning capacity of each parent.

Specialists Are Sometimes Needed To Determine Income

If your spouse owns a business or has multiple sources of income, it may be difficult to determine or calculate his or her exact income. Identifying this income may require the use of experts such as forensic accountants, vocational experts or business specialists.

We often use experts in matters that may affect the determination of income for a stay-at-home parent, self-employed or part-time employed spouse. The judge may determine that this party does not earn enough and must work more to their highest ability. In those cases, we may need expert testimony to determine the earning capacity of that party.

Our Experience Can Help You Reach A Fair Child Support Agreement

If child support is not calculated correctly or if income is not determined accurately, this may be very unfair to one of the parties or to the child. One parent may have to pay too much or the child may end up receiving too little. Our lawyers’ experience is a valuable tool in making sure agreements conform to the law.

Post-Judgment Modifications And Enforcement

We also handle post-judgment issues that arise after the initial child support determination. If one parent’s income changes, the child support order may need to be modified.

If one parent fails to pay child support, the other can file contempt or an enforcement action. The court can order the nonpaying parent to payback child support payments that have accumulated, known as arrears.

Our law office has focused exclusively on family law since opening in 1997. We know how to help with any issue related to child support. Our clients trust us because they know we have experienced and hardworking problem-solvers.

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