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Strategies And Solutions For A Complex Divorce

Dividing a complex portfolio of property and investments requires creativity. Income differential brings alimony into play. A high-conflict custody dispute or a closely held business raises the stakes. And these challenging financial issues do not change the underlying emotions and realities of ending a marriage.

The lawyers of Nelson, Krueger & Millenbach, LLC, welcome complex divorce cases. We have significant experience working with clients throughout southeastern Wisconsin. No matter how complicated or touchy your situation, our philosophy is the same – helping you reduce conflicts and resolve your divorce as efficiently as possible.

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Savvy Counsel For Complex Property Division

Dividing the marital estate is often the most difficult aspect of divorce. Our lawyers have extensive experience with high-income and high-asset divorces, and complicating factors in property division such as:

  • Valuation of assets
  • Separate property vs. marital property
  • Dividing a business (or compensating the spouse for their marital share)
  • Deciding what to do with the marital residence
  • Dividing other real estate
  • QDROs to divide pensions and retirement accounts
  • Apportioning joint debts

Our firm often works with business valuators and other experts in these cases. Once all assets and liabilities are on the table, we help clients find creative solutions to an equitable distribution under Wisconsin law.

Custody, Support And Other Complicating Factors

Child custody disputes complicate divorce. The amount of parenting time affects child support. The children can become leverage in the property settlement or alimony. One parent may intend to move out of state with the children. Or parents may simply disagree on who should have custody or how to make the co-parenting arrangements work.

Our lawyers advocate fiercely for your parental rights while striving for solutions that serve the best interests of your children. We help clients take a big picture perspective to divorce and choose their battles wisely.

Exploring Alternatives While Protecting Your Interests

A complicated divorce does not have to be an expensive and bitter courtroom fight. We encourage clients to consider using a divorce mediator or the collaborative or cooperative divorce approach, with litigation as the last resort. These alternatives can work even in complex and high-conflict cases.

But first and foremost, our mission is to protect you and move you forward. Our trial lawyers have a track record of favorable outcomes in contested divorce and custody proceedings when conflicts must be resolved through the courts.

Discuss Your Unique Divorce Issues With Our Waukesha Lawyers

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