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A peaceful parenting plan could reduce children’s stress

Many children must learn to adapt to changed circumstances when their parents separate. Although kids will handle the emotional complexity of divorce differently, the stress does not have to ruin their lives.

Working together to create a comprehensive, fair parenting plan is one way parents can help their children deal with the significant changes created by divorce. A court may agree that you are better positioned to help your children cope with the end of your marriage if you recognize the importance each of you has in their lives and plan accordingly.

What factors can affect child custody decisions?

When a child custody decision must be made, parents often work together to find a mutually agreeable solution. This can be beneficial for the child, since parents are usually the people who know their child’s needs best.

However, sometimes parents don’t agree on what their child’s needs are. This can prevent parents from being able to reach a decision. When this happens, a Wisconsin court may need to step in and make the custody decisions.

What is forensic accounting?

Most of us have never heard the phrase forensic accounting. To the uninitiated it sounds like something taken from the script of a TV show such as CSI or Law & Order. But forensic accounting is actually quite common when it comes to divorces where one spouse may be hiding assets.

Forensic accounting is accounting that delves deeper and follows paper trails to find where they lead. A forensic accountant might be called a “financial detective” because of the skill, experience and knowledge required to “sniff out” assets or money that may otherwise be hidden.

What happens if parents cannot agree on a placement schedule?

The children are usually the most important issue for most divorcing parents. As a loving mother or father, you want to do everything possible to protect your relationship with each child. One significant factor in this is the physical placement schedule, which outlines when each parent has the right to be with the child and make daily, routine decisions about their life.

So what happens if two parents cannot reach a physical placement agreement on their own?

Understanding ‘Contempt’ For Failing To Follow Family Court Orders

Any family law issue comes with anxiety, tensions and emotions. Obtaining a court order may help to provide some closure and allow individuals to move forward to a new life. However, if the other party refuses to comply with an existing order, it can be difficult to know what to do to remedy the situation.

If a party subject to an existing order intentionally fails to comply with the terms of the order, you may be able to file a motion to have the person found in contempt of court. The purpose of a finding of contempt is to help ensure that the other party will become current or otherwise comply with the family court order. The court may also impose financial sanctions, jail time and attorney fees.

The basics of valuating a business during divorce

One of the potentially most complex aspects of any divorce is determining exactly what to do with a business. In Wisconsin, a community property state, the courts will try to divide all marital assets equally between the separating spouses. But how do you do that with a business – an asset that is constantly changing?

The first step is to figure out just how much the business is worth. Here’s a brief overview of how that happens.

How a life insurance policy can protect children after divorce

When parents decide to pursue a divorce, both want to do what’s best for their children. Oftentimes people think of custody agreements or child support when considering what the child might need.

Yet there are ways to offer stability for minor children beyond those options, while accounting for one potential, tragic outcome: the death of a parent. And that’s through a life insurance policy.

What might happen to the beloved family pet during divorce?

Millions of American families are pet owners. Whether it be a dog, cat, bird, guinea pig, fish, chicken, iguana or another type of animal, these pets are often treated with the same love and respect as any other family member.

When it comes to divorce however, the law does not necessarily view those beloved companions the same way.

Checklist: 4 financial steps to take prior to a divorce filing

You have reached the conclusion that your marriage is over and you are considering filing for divorce. You may want to act quickly, or, you may be lost and confused.  This is a huge step in your life, and it's going to impact you for years to come. That's not something you want to rush through, risking mistakes. And, you also want to take certain steps to insure a positive result for your future after your divorce. Here are a few important tips in terms of financial steps to take to prepare for your divorce:

The value of having an appraiser in your high asset divorce

When you own assets of high net worth, the property division process will often be the most challenging aspect of your divorce. Not only do you and your spouse have to determine how your assets are divided, but also the value of each asset in question. You may be one of many people currently going through a divorce, and you may be having a hard time agreeing with your spouse on the value of your property. When disputes arise, you may need to turn to the expertise of an appraiser who can help determine the true value of your assets through an unbiased lens.

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