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Understanding the role of social media in custody disputes

The social media juggernauts, Facebook and Twitter, have changed the way we relate to each other. In the decade since their creation, these social media platforms have become an important part of our everyday existence. Photo sharing platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat offer visual snapshots of our lives. We use social media not just to share our lives, but to discuss them as well.

As wonderful as these applications have been for helping people stay connected, online posts can have very real consequences for people going through divorce and custody battles.

When to request a review of child support in Wisconsin

Child support can be modified. Unlike the division of property, which is permanent in a divorce, a child support arrangement can be modified to adjust for life changes.

Knowing when to request a review of child support can be a challenge. For many, the prospect of revisiting a child support agreement can be daunting. It can feel like reopening a can of worms. Still, adjusting child support may be necessary if there is a change in either parents' financial situation. This post provides guidance to help parents determine when they should request a review of child support.

How child support works for high wage earners in Wisconsin

What will your life look like after divorce? How much will you pay in child support? It is not always easy to envision what life will look like as a divorced parent especially regarding finances. One of the issues divorcing parents will have to resolve is that of child support. Although courts are increasingly creating more shared parenting time arrangements, in most cases one parent will still be responsible for paying some degree of child support. This is especially true when one parent’s income exceeds the other parent’s income and if the payor is a high income wage earner.

Wisconsin’s child support guidelines

Five common tax issues in divorce

One of the many considerations individuals face when divorcing is how to deal with taxes. There are many tax ramifications of divorce. Understanding how to handle personal income taxes both before and after your divorce will help you avoid unexpected tax consequences or an audit.

Read on to understand more about how taxes may impact your divorce. The following are the answers to five common questions about taxes and divorce.

Why hire a lawyer for an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is one in which both parties mutually reach a divorce agreement outside of court. In almost all cases, an uncontested divorce is far less costly and time-consuming than a contested divorce. If the divorcing couples are in agreement and/or have negotiated and decided on the terms of their divorce, though, is there a need to hire a lawyer at all?

There are actually quite a few advantages to having a lawyer, even if the divorce is never contested in court.

Who gets the family pet in a divorce?

The household pet is often considered to be an important part of the family. The unspoken joy provided by a pet is a great source of comfort for many. You rely on your pet to help you through stressful times, but what happens when divorce threatens your companionship?

Deciding custody of a pet can be just as contentious as deciding custody of children and assets. Here's what you need to know about who gets the family pet in a divorce.

Why establishing paternity is important

Paternity is the legal recognition of a father to his children. For individuals who are already involved as fathers to their children, being legally recognized as a father may not seem important, but the truth is, establishing paternity can be critical to many important life decisions.

Budget-savvy tips for the newly-divorced woman

Although this is true for both gendered spouses, in many cases, women are often the disadvantaged spouse when it comes to finances in a marriage. For many women, especially those who have been stay-at-home mothers or whose husbands have handled all of the finances during the marriage, the internal conflict they experience when deciding whether to divorce or remain married persists before, during and even after divorce proceedings are concluded. Leaving a known situation, the newly-divorced woman may feel that she is embarking on a journey alone. Concerns about child care, finances, housing and career opportunities must be confronted and addressed. If you are in this situation, you are aware of these issues. As isolating as the situation can be, however, it is important to remember that you are not alone and these initial concerns can be resolved.

Financial concerns tend to cause anxiety because the financial security that existed in the dual-earning household may not be as evident in a single-income household. In spite of the reduced income and elevated responsibilities, there are ways in which financial shortcomings can be limited. Establishing financial independence doesn't have to be expensive and can be gained through developing financial literacy, budgeting techniques and utilizing area resources.

Tips For Dealing With A Divorce Bully

Being bullied is not something that only happens to kids. Bullying can also occur between two adults as well. This can happen when an intimate relationship begins to sour. For some people, the bullying behavior can become so bad that they are afraid to initiate divorce proceedings for fear of the reaction of the other person.

Bullies act the way they do for various reasons but, in the case of a possible divorce, it is often a tactic that is used to retain control of a situation that is quickly spiraling out of their control. A bully might also be trying to cope with their fear and sense of loss by bullying their spouse.

Are you dealing with a divorce bully? Get tips for stopping bullying behavior.

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