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A peaceful parenting plan could reduce children’s stress

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2020 | Divorce

Many children must learn to adapt to changed circumstances when their parents separate. Although kids will handle the emotional complexity of divorce differently, the stress does not have to ruin their lives.

Working together to create a comprehensive, fair parenting plan is one way parents can help their children deal with the significant changes created by divorce. A court may agree that you are better positioned to help your children cope with the end of your marriage if you recognize the importance each of you has in their lives and plan accordingly.

Potential co-parenting reminders

Tension often runs high between divorcing spouses. Regardless, there are some ways you and your former spouse can agree to remain solely focused on the best interests of your children.

Continuing interaction between you and your soon to be ex-spouse will inevitably remain while you co-parent your kids. As such, take note of the things you might need to remember when situations do not unfold according to your preferences.

For example:

  • You share parenting time because it’s important for the kids. Supporting their best interests may require some sacrifices on your part.
  • Listen to your children’s concerns about dividing time between two homes. Regardless of your feelings, your children rely on you for emotional support.
  • A bad spouse does not necessarily equate to a bad parent. Your former partner may prioritize quality time with the kids, despite how they feel about you.
  • Communication is a vital part of any successful co-parenting arrangement. There are numerous tools, such as shared calendar apps and Our Family Wizard, that can help you minimize disputes by developing healthy ways to keep your ex informed about upcoming events, activities and appointments, as well as potential concerns you may share about the kids.
  • At some point, you could find your arrangement isn’t working as smoothly as possible. If that’s the case, it may be wise to file a motion for a modification. Not only could that allow you the changes you need, but it could also provide greater stability for your children’s continuing growth and development.
  • Consider mediation before engaging in litigation to discuss changes to custody or placement.

Establishing an agreed upon parenting plan is often a preferable way to move forward after divorce if both parents are willing to cooperate and compromise as needed for their children’s sake.

Focus on your children when they’re with you

Be realistic about everyone’s schedules and commitments when you determine your parenting plan. Then, no matter how often you see your children, provided dedicated attention to their unique healing processes.

Naturally, dissolution changed your relationship with your children’s other parent. However, you can still choose to cherish each moment you share with your kids.