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Changing or Enforcing the Judge's Order

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Spousal support, child support, custody and placement (visitation) arrangements do not have to be permanent. They can be outdated, changed or violated. When this happens, individuals must ask the court to grant a modification or to enforce the decree.

What changes can warrant a modification request?

The court will entertain a request for a modification of an order if, after a required period of time, there has been a substantial change in your life or the life of the other party that justifies altering the decree. Any of the following may qualify as a significant change:

  • A change in either spouse's income
  • A sudden health problem
  • Movement to a new location
  • Substance abuse problems

If one party asks for a modification and the other party doesn't agree, this dispute can be resolved through negotiation or through the courts. At Nelson, Krueger & Millenbach, LLC, we always try to minimize conflict and are local leaders in using collaborative and cooperative techniques to resolve disputes. However, we can also aggressively represent you in court whenever necessary.

What should I do when the other party is violating the orders?

If one party fails to pay child or spousal support or refuses to honor the custody and placement (visitation) order, the law provides a remedy. If the violation involves child or spousal support, the court can garnish wages or force the violator to pay. The court also has broad discretion to come up with other, more creative solutions to force the violator to comply with the terms of the decree.

At Nelson, Krueger & Millenbach, LLC, we handle modifications, disputes and enforcement cases with compassion and diligence. Our lawyers are prompt, detail-oriented and persistent. For a free initial consultation, contact us at (414) 939-0529.

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